Instrument Recycling Program

     We believe we are helping the community by taking in any used instruments that are no longer being used and donating them back to those in need of instruments.  Below are the rules we currently follow for donating and receiving.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us or hit the contact button on the left and leave us an email.  
     We thank all those that have made this program possible and hope that those who have benefitted enjoy the privilege of receiving the charity of others.  We hope those that have given will find happiness in knowing that their unused instruments have found a home with someone that will use and love the instrument.

Instrument recycle program rules

1)  Students without a trade must agree to return the instrument when no longer taking lessons.

2)  Students must be enrolled in lessons to receive charity.
3)  The instructors may refuse a trade if they believe the instrument is flawed or if it has no educational value.
4)  Donations or trade-ins are assumed to be as is.  The academy is not to be held responsible for any damage unforeseen or unpredictable.