Instrument Rentals

It Makes Sense to Rent!

Renting is an inexpensive and practical way to try an instrument without obligation or a purchase investment. At Mr. Jeff’s Music Academy, rental payments can be applied toward your purchase if you decide to buy. Our flexible exchange policy allows you to exchange your original choice for a different instrument, so you can find the right choice for your budding musician.

Educator-Approved Quality Band & Orchestra Instruments

 We are proud to be a 
Music & Arts  affiliate.  We carry all major brands including:
· Selmer
· Bach
· Lewis
· Glaesel
· King
· Conn
· Armstrong
· Gemeinhardt
· Leblanc
· Jupiter
· Yamaha
· and more!
Rental Plans & Rates

Please call us or click 
HERE  for rates and details of our variety of rental plans. We also offer coverage for repairs, so if the instrument is broken or damaged while you're renting, it will be repaired free of charge as long as payments are up to date.

· Inexpensive trial period
· Low monthly rates
· No obligation to buy
· Rental payments apply toward purchase
· Satisfaction guaranteed!

Send your Rental Payment to:
Payment Processing 
P.O. Box 361
Frederick MD 21703-0361
Phone: 1-888-731-5396
Fax: 1-301-620-2567