Mr . Jeff Althouse

     Jeff Althouse earned his Bachelor of Music degree from Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio and his Master of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. Currently he is the Music Minister at Rolling Hills Community Church in Mount Dora, Florida and leads the praise team of All Saints Lutheran Church in Port Orange, Florida.
     As an educator, Althouse has been teaching piano, brass, and vocal lessons for over thirty years. He began teaching at the Fame Conservatory in Youngstown, Ohio and the Warren Music Center in Warren, Ohio.
     While in Florida he taught at Mars Music in Orlando, The Music Shack in Casselberry, Florida and at Jammers Music Center in Saint Cloud, Florida.  After Jammers closed the Saint Cloud store in 2009, Althouse chose to open his own music school now known as Mr. Jeff's Music Academy.  Althouse also has taught middle school choir in Poinciana, Florida and middle school band at the Catholic schools in Kissimmee and Saint Cloud Florida for four years.
     Moving to Florida in 1996, Althouse played as a substitute on trombone for the Disney Magic Kingdom World Band and the Kids of the Kingdom Band.  He directed the Saint Cloud Presbyterian Chancel Choir for ten years.  He has also performed with the Dr. Otto Jazz Combo, Orquestra Sensual, the Chosen Few, the Cotton Davis Band, the Now and Then Band, and the Above the Bar Trio.  He also performs solo piano.


      Below are testimonials from students.  The last names of the students have been omitted for privacy reasons.  If you attend the recitals, many of these students will be performing!
Piano Teacher Mr. Jeff Althouse
     As an adult, I have taken piano lessons from Mr. Jeff and found him to be most professional, patient, flexible and encouraging.  He does everything in his power to make learning interesting and fun, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is genuinely interested in sharing his love and knowledge of music with the world.  I would recommend him highly as a teacher for any age category.  
— Sharon
     My sons have taken piano lessons with Jeff for the past 4 years. He creates a supportive and relaxed environment for the students to learn music. He has a genuine interest in helping his students achieve success in developing their musical talents.  
— Pamela
     Mr. Jeff's Music Academy is a very professional place to learn great piano and voice lessons. He is very nice to everyone and helps them through their journey of music. I highly recommend YOU join Mr. Jeff's Music Academy. Just ONE lesson.....AND YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Hope you enjoy this wonderful experience! :-D 
— Kathy (12 years old) 
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