Please Be Aware we do offer lessons before and after our regular business hours, these hours are for everything except music lessons. 


      You may call or text 407-928-5823 at any time.  I am usually here seven days a week. If you happen to call during an appointment, please leave me a message with your need and I will call you back after or between student lessons.  If there is a need to drop off a rental instrument or acquire one, I can make a specific appointment with you that will match your schedule. 

Below is the list of days that the different instructors are available.

Mr. Jeff, Piano and Band Instruments: seven days a week

Stephen Wood, Guitar:  Wednesday in the studio, Tuesday and Thursday at his house.

Caroline Lee, Strings: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Jill Luthie, Vocal: Monday and Thursday

Alecia Fiechter, Vocal and Piano: Monday and Tuesday

Maureen Russ, Flute:  Wednesday

Lamont Clegg, Drama: Saturday

Michael Barr, French Horn: Wednesdays

Ruby Bridgeforth, Vocal : Wednesays

Regular Business Hours
4 to 6
4 to 6
3 to 6
3 to 6
4 to 6