Stephen Wood
Guitar Instructor
   To schedule lessons please call 407-556-3291. Also, once a week he instructs a guitar ensemble. Students must be advanced enough to participate in this ensemble. For more information on the guitar ensemble, please look below his resume.

     I started taking guitar lessons from Stephen Wood after taking beginner lessons from someone else in Kissimmee. It was not long before I realized that guitar instructor was not the person for me and so I went online in St. Cloud and found Stephen thru Mr. Jeff's Academy. I am ever so grateful that I did as the difference in the teaching style was like night and day so I did not give up my guitar like I had planned.
Stephens teaching style is thorough and he really, really cares if you get it or not. He does not just throw it out there and expect you to just know. He takes the time to make sure you know and that is what impresses me the most about Stephens style. Plus he does not seem annoyed like the other instructor did. Stephen expects a beginner to have to be led by his expert skill and he does that exceptionally.

     I would recommend Stephen to the young and older student as I am 68 and am now more enthused about my guitar and my music than I have ever been in my life and that is due to Stephen's knowledge and teaching style. He loves what he does and it shows.

     I want to say thank you for everything you have done with our child. As you know he has a bit of a learning disability and has been diagnosed to be dyslexic. It amazes me that he has trouble reading words but seems to have no problems reading music. As an example, he might say the note aloud wrong like "D" instead of "B" or confuse "I" for "A" but almost always plays the note correctly on the guitar. In the past he has had a hard way with the other kids in school making fun of him because he can't read (calling him stupid) or the athletes calling him names because he looks different. 
Now that he has taken his guitar to school a few times and played in front of them, most of the kids think he's cool and he doesn't appear to get picked on as much anymore. Bottom line is, we can't thank you enough for the gift that you have given him. It has definitely made a difference in his life not with just learning music but has bolstered his confidence, personality, and social environment.
-Anonymous by request

·Currently owner of a recording studio in Saint Cloud
·1 1/2 years guitar instructor Jammer's Music Center, Saint Cloud, FL.
·3 years vintage guitar dealer
·5 years guitar instructor Stringman Vintage Guitars, Saint Cloud, FL.
·(also included guitar set up, and minor repairs)
·1 Year Berklee College of Music, Boston, Mass., Performance Major 
(5 hours a day of theory, ear training, harmony, guitar labs, group performance,
music appreciation and composition. Plus, one hour a week studying with Charles 
Chapman, a well known columnist for Guitar Player magazine).
·Pinkerton Academy Jazz Band (guitar), and Concert Band (French Horn), Derry, N.H.
·Londonderry, N.H., Jr. High Band (trumpet), Christmas Concert (solo vocalist), studying
under Andrew Soucy. They recently performed at the Olympics in China, and President 
Obama's inauguration. I was Mr. Soucy's student his first year of teaching in Londonderry.
·Over the years: my first 45 rpm record at 17, several songs on New England radio stations, 
several instrumental songs accepted into a song bank in L.A. for television and movies, over 50 songs copyrighted in the Library of Congress, numerous studio sessions and have taught over 500 guitar students.
Guitar Ensemble Classes Have Started
What is a guitar ensemble?
·3 - 5 students of similar ability, are placed in a group setting, to learn and perform songs together. Each student has their own, notated, part to learn and practice. Once a week, for one hour, they rehearse together as a band, under the guidance of their instructor. This is not merely getting together and strumming chords like you might find elsewhere. Our ensembles are like mini-orchestras.
·what are the benefits of a guitar ensemble?
In school music programs, children who play string, brass, reed or percussion instruments, can join a variety of ensembles. Sadly, few ensemble opportunities exist for guitar players. Student guitarists typically face a single, open spot for their instrument in the jazz band. A high school may offer a guitar club during the activity period, but this kind of informal program is not the equivalent of an orchestra, band, or chorus. 
·okay, so what is this going to cost? 
$8 a week! 
·Requirements: Students must be enrolled in their weekly private lesson at Mr. Jeff's Music Academy to participate.